We are Darkness

A little bit about the legion

The Legion of Darkness exists for the enjoyment of its members and to assist fellow Asmodians in controlling the Abyss. This is not to say that the Legion of Darkness is strictly a PvP legion. The Legion of Darkness is a PvPvE legion. Our focus is to enjoy Aion to the fullest, that is what the creators and developers of Aion intended. If one wishes to be strictly PvP or PvE one may do so at one's own discretion.

Above all, the Legion of Darkness exists because we want to enjoy playing Aion, if you aren't enojoying Aion and you are a part of the Legion of Darkness, then the Legion of Darkness may not be the legion for you.

This site will contain all information pertaining to the Legion of Darkness and its activities and members. Please check back frequently and be sure to send Tatsuo feedback via e-mail or ingame.Tatsuo - Brigade General

Please visit the Legion of Darkness' forum.

A bit of what we expect

The Legion of Darkness is not a charity legion. Do not expect a free ride. We expect members to work for what they get and will not hand out free gear just for joining. We will do our best to assist each other with anything that we may need help with. But in order fo us to do that we need to know what our members need help with. In other words, please ask if you want help with something.


If you have just joined the Legion of Darkness, you must register on the legion forum and comment in the "I have read and agree to the rules." thread once you have read the rules.