Welcome to Asmodae

So you're new to Atreia...

Asmodae is rich with culture and opportunity. Plenty of quests await you; the Legion of Darkness is here to help you on your way to become a legend. Need help picking a class? Don't know where to quest? Not sure what path to choose to ascend? No worries, we have answers for you to assist you in your decisions.

The character class pages will layout the groundwork and explain the options available to you for choosing your class. The four main class pages will then detail each class and its path for ascension. On top of that, in the future they'll detail suggestions for each subclass from weapons to manastones and maybe even stigmas. Enjoy!

Creating a new character?

Exploring Asmodae is fun alone, but even more fun with a group. Take a look at our recruitment page to see what classes we are recruiting. This may give you that extra incentive to create a character of that class you've always wanted to try but didn't really have a reason to. You never know you might just fall in love with your new character and discover a talent you didn't know you had.